Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 8: Make A Joyful Noise

Psalms 98:5-6 “Sing praises to the Lord…with trumpets and the sound of the horn make a joyful noise before the King, the Lord!”

We arrived in Liverpool on the 24th of May and enjoyed some free time exploring the many aspects the town had to offer. After a dinner together there was time to experience the beautiful night lights and unusual architecture of the town. The following morning, the 25th May, we took a tour of the Liverpool Cathedral and all of its grandeur while enjoying music played from one of the largest pipe organs in the world. Following the tour we attended an afternoon service accented by a visiting boys’ choir.

On the night of the 25th we attended a charity concert commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. This event was played by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, Portsmouth accompanied by a local choir and soloist. The world class concert was rousing with a sense of patriotism and exuberance surrounding the commemoration.

Mack Paynter, 88, was a Gunners Mate Third Class (GMC3) aboard the merchant SS Benjamin Huntington. Mack was drafted at 16 while working on a farm in Ohio. Today’s theme of making a joyful noise applies especially to Mr. Paynter. Not only in his spare time does Mack enjoy making musical instruments and listening to bluegrass in particular. He has no hesitations about making a joyful noise and has a song for every occasion. More than once on the trip Mack has led the group in a spontaneous song and has consistently maintained a joyful demeanor.
All in all these past two days have been a good example of Mack Paynters’ life by honoring the Lord with song, and beauty coming out of the ashes, much as the beautiful town of Liverpool has risen from the ashes of WWII.

Laura Virnig, junior
Brock Schrag, sophomore

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