Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 1: "If it makes you happy, it tickles me to death." - Mack Paynter

On Friday, May 17, sixteen students and four sponsors left College of the Ozarks to travel to England. This group includes: Brandon Ashbee, Stephanie Clark, Jesse Henderson, Rick Koretoff, Matthew Matney, Kirk Metzger, Melissa Moore, Kristiana Nordstrom, Arielle Pearson, Ramsey Pruitt, Nichole Russell, Brock Schrag, Eddie Sterling, Duncan Tillack, Laura Virnig, and Anna Zachery along with Dr. Fred Mullinax, Dr. Janice Williams, Tom Debo, and myself, Paul Baker.

We spent some time together as a group before our flight departed from Springfield, MO.

Our group arrived in Chicago and met the eight World War II Veterans who will continue the trip with us. We are honored to accompany Dale Deaver, Tom Easterly, Don Ellwood, Walter Fitzmaurice, Harold "Pop" Gilbert,  John Haynes, Mack Paynter, and Bill Ryan for the next ten days.

We landed in London on Saturday and continued our trip by bus.

We enjoyed conversations and three-layer club sandwiches at a local public house on our way to Cambridge.


  1. So glad you made it safely! Enjoy your fabulous adventure! love, Angela Selvaggio (granddaughter of the terrific Tom Easterly)

  2. Looks like you are off to a good start.
    Thanks for the update and photos.
    Will continue to follow blog for more updates.
    Praying for your continued safe travel.
    Kirk Metzger Sr.

  3. What a great suprise to see Uncle Dale in England. He has always been a great role model and we have always been proud of his and the other vetrans service. All of the WWII vetrans dedication and sacrifice to freedom remain an inspiration for all of us. It is also great to see young people who recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by the few to guarantee freedoms we so often take for granted. Who ever is monitoring this please give Uncle Dale and the other Vets a big hug and a thanks from our British/American Family.

  4. Great to see Dale Deaver. We got the URL from the church bulletin. Thanks for sharing the story.